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Poh Sheng Qi/Wei Xian 傅圣淇/伟贤
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Saturday, April 04, 2009
:) c0mments!
whoo... this is e 1st time im using a laptop to write my blog
getting quite use of this newly laptop by nw... haha

firstly thanks for all the birthday wishes :)
bt pls pls dun remind me of my age
will arrange a meet up soon wi u guys :P

meet chengkai, sonnie n yk for dinner at Taka after work,
then went to watch shinjuku incident... quite a long movie 2hr 10 min
bt it was nice... 4 1/2 stars >>>> worth watching
is a pity that shirong, yuan er & qi jia wouldnt make it
rem to make up to me as u all promised... wi presents!!! HAHA

as for the photo which i mention earlier,
it will be postponded again... hahah
bcoz e rest of my furniture will be coming in the mid of ths mth
haha... therefore is gg to be 2/3 completed

I Played @ 1:53 PM

Sunday, March 15, 2009
IT Show c0mments!
Went to IT Show with Jonathan & his 2 friends, from 3pm-9pm WHOOOO
also encounter some friends over there... esp CHONG LIN... HELLO!!! :)
Jonathan gotten a 32" Sony LCD TV at a very good price with my help LOL
Sorry Vince who ask u nv pick up my call & miss such great deal
WTD.... Life suck!!! HAHA

I bought an Asus laptop & razor mouse... didnt get any special price or discount myself LOL
DRAT.... Spend a lot of money this month, the things I bought was not what i want!!!
My orginal plan was to get (But ended getting)
Omnia (Iphone) - $50
Sony Vaio (Asus) - $1600
32" Sony TV (42" Sharp LCD) - Free
But But But Gotten better stuffs, at a lower price... WHAHA

FINALLY!!! I finished building gundam G
Also my room is about 1/3 completed,
will upload current 1/3 after i finish unpacking my room, should be later next week.
NOW is full of boxes & the clothes I send for dry cleaning :(

My birthday is coming,
I shall write a list out next week, & ENFORCE ppl to buy for me hahaa

Below is the Gundam G I built... enjoy :D

I Played @ 3:27 PM

Sunday, February 22, 2009
video uploading c0mments!
A quick update:
ytd went to Marina Sq for dinner wi hongming, chengkai & shi rong.
sonnie was sick so he didnt join us.... we have so much fun laughing e whole night hahahahaha
met guo hua, wei feng, ms kwan, jocelyn & her hubby along e way lol

i gg to upload a few of my video again haha
lazy to write too much abt my daily life... too bz to do tat
y ths 2 videos?? im a fan of MARIAH CAREY
watch e 2nd video, Oprah is encouraging ppl to dl song haha

i be changing hp & service provider next next mon.
my no remains unchange, got time really must change skin & everythg in ths blog.

I Played @ 8:43 PM

Thursday, January 22, 2009
im back c0mments!
Dear Readers (if there r still ppl reading my blog)
so sorry i didnt update as often as before
really very busy

im love ths speech so much
tats i decided to upload & share wi every1
enjoy ;P

I Played @ 8:46 PM

Saturday, November 01, 2008
Tirring c0mments!
Havent been updating my blog
So stress, there are so many things for me to do.
Eric just asked me to go KTV, I wana to go so badly
but I have so many thing to do!!!.... HAIZ

Thanks Jocelyn for your encouragement... appreciated it so much :)
Cheng Kai came to my place earlier, those who have been here, mention that my room looks like a studio apartment + miny small office.
I desperately need a vaction, Carribean will be nice!!!

YES!!! Finally my room renovation is completed.
After the sofa came in, I realised that I dun have the space
for coffe table & white carpet. ( heng nv buy :p )

My room is still short of the following furnitues:
a. drawer storage
b. shoe cabinet
c. book shelves extention (gundam displaying)
* pic of my 'new' room will be posted soon
in my blog, friendster & facebook*

A little updates of my schedule last week:

25 Oct 08 (Sat)
BBQ with Poly Gang @ East Coast Park

26 Oct 08 (Sun)
Room Warming with MPD Staffs

27 Oct 08 (Mon)
Room Warming with pri sch mates

I Played @ 8:30 PM

Sunday, October 12, 2008
No time for myself c0mments!
Thank Shan....
for companying me to go ard Singapore to shop for furniture

My room renovation is at the ending stage, HOWEVER
I'm short of coffee table, shoe cabinet & computer chair,
didnt manage to find anything tat suit my eyes.

Have I mention that I did all the designing myself???
Hope it turn out find, Im so anxious to see whats the outcome.
& of course I'll post the pic :)
As for the remaining 3 items, they will be considered "unfound"
till i find something i like. Disappointed

Updates of my life:
Busy going for
1. driving lession (got rusty a lot)
2. therapy
3. courses (starting next wk)

I Played @ 8:06 AM

Sunday, September 28, 2008
too high!!! c0mments!
Dear readers it a long time since I blog,
tied up with a lot of stuffs,
also writting my experience about investment as promised.

Went to BBDC to attend theory lesson ytd...super boring(yawn ~0~)
Met Eric & his gf after lesson,
he was waiting for his gf to finish her FFT, so waited together with him.
Suppose to meet shander to get my bag button done,
but ended up both of us not feeling well... LOL... as usual!!!
Shall consule subhas & ms han wat type of car to get

Tmr i will be doing my room renovation :)
estimate will take 2-3wks to complete.
I hope my room will turn out nice as I designed it myself.

I Played @ 9:51 PM